SEO Case Histories

I've been doing Search Engine Optimization since 2002. Search Engine Optimization is one of the most intelligent marketing investments you can make because it is what redirects the river of qualified customers into your front door. It works for local, national and international campaigns.

SEO Case History #1
ACP International, National Campaign

acpinternational.comIn December 4, 2010 we launched an SEO project for ACP International. ACP is a company with about 40 staff that sells products for utility companies and municipalities like durable signs marking underground pipes and the like. Their products aren’t pretty, but they last forever. Durability is the whole focus, so even if they sit out in the sun for 15 years, get run over by a truck, and possibly struck by lightning they should still be readable.

At the time their product line included 31 different product categories. The only product category where ACP even showed up on the radar was for “fiber splice protection sleeves” — a product for splicing strands of fiber optics. For all remaining product categories, ACP did not show up in any Google search results. Online, the company was virtually unknown. For example, if you searched for "poly dome markers" ACP simply did not show up even if you searched 10 or 12 pages deep into the search results. They simply did not exist even though the company had been in operation since 1984.

ACP International products were researched closely and competitive trends were seen among numerous vendors. The company names that kept coming up repeatedly in search engine results were William Frick & Company and Vulcan Signs. These two companies combined were the primary competition to ACP International: Frick for marking products and Vulcan for signage. We also found that Chinese and Indian manufacturers were making huge strides to break into the U.S. utility marking fields. To stay ahead of the wave, ACP needed to vastly improve their online visibility and search engine rankings.

The following list represents the companies that appeared in Google and Yahoo searches with the most frequency. All of these companies were direct competitors with ACP at some level.


We studied the top-rankings websites in ACP's industry like Fricknet to learn what techniques were working for them so we could beat them at their own game. Based on our findings, descriptive keyword text was written and embedded into every product page using ACP's own proprietary brand names plus the real-world search terms and industry-specific terms which customers most commonly use to find these products online.

An example was "Poly-Dome markers." Our research revealed that the only people who searched for "poly-dome markers" were ACP's existing customers; the majority of people searched for "domed markers" and "domed utility markers."  Competitors such as Fricknet were using those generic terms, and so we wove those terms into ACP’s product lineup.

To help bolser their search results, I recommended establishing a video library, which was done. The object is not really to get on Page 1 of Google, it is to get on there multiple times.


Extensive efforts were undertaken to optimize the ACP website. As our changes filtered into the search engines, ACP’s presence began to improve rapidly across the board for utility marking product searches and for utility signage product searches. We monitored our feed from Google Analytics to collect insightful data for ACP. The number of unique visitors and search terms being used to reach ACP was consistent with the SEO efforts we made.

ACP started to dominate the common language and industry-specific search rankings.

Taking the above example with “poly dome markers,” “domed markers,” and “domed utility markers” as a starting point, we achieved Page 1 rankings on Google for all three terms even beating out Fricknet.

     poly dome markers Page 1, Item 1 572,000 Also showing up in 5 other places on page 1 of Google
     domed markers Page 1, Item 1 7,490,000 Beating fricknet.com which was #2, page 1
     domed utility markers Page 1, Item 5 979,000 Beating fricknet.com which was #6, page 1


But that was just the beginning. Here are the results of other search terms which we achieved top Google ranking within 5 weeks from launching our SEO efforts:

RANKING 1/14/14
1      domed markers Page 1, Item 1  7,490,000 Page 1, Item 3
2      domed test station Page 1, Item 1 2,240,000 Page 1, Item 3
3      lettering and numbering kits Page 1, Item 1 427,000 Page 1, Item 2
4      coverall tags Page 1, Items 1, 2, 3
3,490,000 Page 1, Item 2
5      24 fiber sleeve Page 1, Item 1 5,920,000 Page 1, Item 1
6      hang around markers Page 1, Items 1, 2
2,170,000 Page 1, Item 1
7      wrap up markers Page 1, Items 1, 2, 3
7,930,000 Page 1, Item 1
8      flexible line markers Page 1, Items 1, 5*
2,660,000 Page 1, Item 1
9      12 fiber sleeve Page 1, Item 2 7,130,000 Page 1, Item 3
10      crystal cap markers Page 1, Item 2 3,080,000 Page 1, Item 1
11      crystal cap decals Page 1, Item 2 2,700,000 Page 1, Item 1
12      wrap around signs Page 1, Items 1, 3*
36,300,000 Page 1, Item 1
13      domed curb markers Page 1, Item 4 8,970,000 Page 1, Item 1
15      flush mounted markers Page 1, Item 4 602,000 Page 1, Item 4
16      4 fiber sleeve Page 1, Item 5 8,230,000 No longer ranked
17      domed utility markers Page 1, Item 5 979,000 Page 1, Item 3
18      wrap around markers Page 1, Item 5 5,080,000 Page 1, Item 1
19      ground wire tags Page 1, Item 5 10,600,000 Page 1, Item 2
20      fiber splice protection sleeve Page 1, Item 5 428,000 Page 1, Item 8
21      snap around cable marker Page 1, Item 7 847,000 Page 1, Item 1
22      micro splice sleeve Page 1, Item 7 3940,000 Page 1, Item 9
23      concrete graphics Page 1, Item 7 21,200,000 Page 1, Item 7
24      aerial markers Page 1, Item 8 3,490,000 Page 1, Item 2
25      marking whiskers Page 2, Item 3 357,000 Page 1, Item 9
26      underground marking tape Page 2, Item 7
189,000 Page 1, Item 7
27      storm drain markers Page 2, Item 8 273,000 Page 1, Item 4
* Green items = ACP videos

As of 1/14/11 that was 24 Google Page #1 rankings plus 3 Page 2 rankings for ACP International products—spectacular rankings across the boards.

UPDATE: And as you can see in the last column, the results were not only permanent, but overall have continued to improve with no further SEO actions. As of 1/14/14 ACP had achieve Page One ranking with Google in every single product category but one. Feel free to check any of these rankings yourself. Google is listed because they power about 69% of all searches, leaving the remaining 31% split up by Bing, Yahoo, Ask and all the others.

Notice, for example that "wrap around signs" has more than 36 million pages on file that have been indexed by Google. Yet ACP now has not one, but two entries on Page 1 including a video.

For info, these kind of results are almost unheard of, yet they are no accident. I have been able to get these kinds of results since 2008 based on my own understanding of SEO which I call the Integrity Theory. That theory is really all about comprehending Google as a business and being able to know what they are looking for. One other thing: I never use false information or "tricks" to get SEO traction. I use integrity and I only work for companies that have integrity to start with. As a result, I have always done exceptionally well with SEO since my actions are marketing based. I won't say more than that because I don't want to reveal my methods. But I do have a unique approach to SEO and the above proves what I am doing works. Your results may vary because every industry is different in the way search engines respond. SEO sometimes takes a few months or more, sometimes up to 18 months to see the full results. However, two things are sure: SEO will improve your rankings and the sooner you start, the better. It is important to start SEO before your competitors do.

Absolute Unique Visitor Report

As a result of our SEO program actions, the ACP website began to receive 20-25 new visitors per day who had never visited ACP before. These people/companies were finding ACP thanks to our search engine optimization efforts over the previous five weeks.


New Customer Sources Report

New customers finding ACP online were coming from the USA (including Alaska) with secondary sources in Canada, Europe, Mexico.


 Keyword (Search Term) Report

This shows a glimpse of what Google visitors were searching for that brought them to ACP. Most were searching for ACP by name, which shows that industry recognition is high. The rest were searching by product and/or brand names. Some are even searching for ACP part numbers and they are finding the ACP website which is amazing.  



The exact methods of our marketing-based SEO approach are confidential. Suffice it to say a lot of work goes into each SEO program we conduct.


SEO Case History #2
Jubilee Company, Local Campaign


Family-owned Jubilee Company was originally named American Marble Supply but changed their name in late 2009. The company had never enjoyed excellent search engine ranking. We launched an SEO campaign in January 2012 which continued over 8 months through August 2012. The company had two divisions: The main division fabricated countertops for kitchens and bathrooms. A new secondary division fabricated glass and mirrors.

After some initial SEO work, the counter top product line started to show glimmers of response. But the glass and mirror side of the company remained invisible with zero online response.

Therefore we advised splitting their website into two sites: one for countertops and the second for bathroom shower enclosures and mirrors, since traditionally these two divisions belonged in distinct and separate industries that did not normally mix. Keeping them together weaken the overall effectiveness by diluting the focus of each.

We also recommended and created a video library for each website covering their product line.

Research showed that competition in both the granite and glass industries was abnormally, almost absurdly, heavy in the Dallas area. SEO-savvy competitors in the Dallas area had already gobbled up virtually every domain bearing long-string combination of key words, even including such mouthfuls as "granitecountertopsfabricator.com." With many of the companies in this industry already using SEO techniques, the fight for a top spot in search engine results was fierce. And worse, Jubilee located in McKinney, Texas, was more than 25 miles outside the city limits of their prime market — Dallas. "Jubilee" was also a new unknown name in the area's long-established countertop industry.

And making matters even worse, our research showed that nearly every person looking for stone countertops used the same search phrases: "granite dallas" or "dallas granite" regardless of what the individual was actually looking for — be it granite, marble, sandstone, brownstone, bluestone, limestone, travertine, engineered quartz, engineered marble or solid surface. This data showed that when people think of countertops, the first word that comes to mind is "granite" — even if what they really want is marble, or engineered quartz. Due to this, "granite dallas" and "dallas granite" were stuffed to the gills with some 16.8 million search results.

That meant, regardless of whatever else we accomplished, our efforts had to hit a bullseye that was contained in the eye of a needle.

Or to put it another way: imagine running a marathon against 16.8 million people. And you need to place in the top ten.

Full SEO was then completed over the course of several months. At first, it seemed there was no response; but a closer look showed relentless glacier-like progress. Slow and steady came the results, as inevitable and unstoppable as the advance of a glacier. Jubilee Company gouged its path through solid bedrock. Here are the search results today (note, we obtained Page One ranking in Google for nearly every relevant search phrase):

 Jubilee Company - Granite Countertop Website

     dallas granite Page 1, Item 5
     granite dallas Page 1, Item 7
     granite patterns Page 1, Item 5* 8,950,000
     granite edge details Page 1, Item 3* 9,140,000
     granite mckinney Page 1, Items 5, 8 2,670,000
     mckinney granite Page 1, Items 7, 10 2,680,000
     granite mckinney tx Page 1, Items 4, 10 485,000
     granite countertops mckinney Page 1, Items 6, 7 108,000
     granite kitchen countertops dallas Page 1, Item 7
     granite countertop fabrication dallas Page 1, Item 10
     granite slab fabrication dallas Page 2, Item 5
     natural stone countertops dallas Page 1, Item 5
     natural stone counter tops dallas
Page 1, Item 9 956,000
     granite countertops dallas Page 3, Item 9 1,340,000
     engineered marble dallas Page 1, Item 1 970,000
     engineered stone dallas Page 1, Item 4
     engineered quartz dallas Page 1, Item 2
     solid surface dallas Page 4, Item 1 2,980,000
     acrylic tubs dallas Page 1, Items 3 157,000
     cultured marble dallas Page 1, Item 1
     engineered stone mckinney Page 1, Item 1 25,000
     engineered quartz mckinney Page 1, Items 1, 5* 1,890,000
     engineered marble mckinney Page 1, Items 1, 2, 6, 9* 2,390,000
     solid surface mckinney Page 1, Item 1 1,350,000
     acrylic tubs mckinney Page 1, Item 1 845,000
* Green items = Jubilee videos

Amazingly, Jubilee also sells acrylic tubs and we even got page one ranking for them... in the huge, highly-contested market of Dallas... by a company that isn't even located in Dallas.


SEO Case History #3
Jubilee Shower Doors

jubileeshowerdoors.comAs mentioned, Jubilee's shower door and bathroom mirror business was getting no response as long as it was bundled into a website primarily about granite countertops. The sensible thing was to create a new sister website just for the glass business and so that is what was done.

Unfortunately, Jubilee — a brand new entry in the glass business — was up against strong, mature companies that had dominated the Dallas glass market all the way back to the 1930s! These companies included,

ocmginc.com — since 1932
alamoglassco.com — since 1943
inwoodglass.com — since 1958
fashionglass.com — since 1973
mmmglassco.com — since 1984
showerdoordallas.com — an obvious SEO savvy newcomber since 2010

The domain for the glass division was strategically chosen to be "jubileeshowerdoors.com" since shower doors showed to be the most powerful search term, and it was also the first bathroom glass product consumers tended to think of (and search for) during a renovation project. Other glass products, such as bathroom mirrors and shelves were purchased almost as an afterthought, i.e., "Oh, yeah, we also need mirrors for the bathrooms."

Our market research showed that consumers tended to search for "shower doors" not "shower enclosures." Another choice was "glass and mirrors" but this would have attracted the wrong kind of business, since those terms were heavily associated with commercial store fronts and large glass building installations, whereas Jubilee's focus was on smaller residential applications.

Jubilee's new glass business also included protective glass coatings on shower enclosures, heavy plate glass shelving and glass cabinet inserts (the glass that goes into cabinet doors).

Here are the SEO results for Jubilee's brand new (and completely unknown) shower enclosure / bathroom mirror start-up. As you can see, we won top ranking and forced a dominate presence for Jubilee in their new industry, putting them on the map with authority!


Jubilee Company - Shower Door Website

     shower enclosures dallas Page 1, Item 8 146,000
     glass shower enclosures dallas Page 1, Item 7 112,000
     glass shower doors dallas
Page 1, Item 10 356,000
     shower doors dallas
Page 2, Item 2
     frameless shower enclosures dallas
Page 1, Item 5
     semi-frameless shower enclosures dallas
Page 1, Item 4
     shower door hardware dallas
Page 1, Item 7
     shower door glass dallas
Page 2, Item 8
     protective shower coatings dallas Page 1, Item 1
     heavy plate glass shelving dallas Page 1, Items 1, 2 46,800
     glass cabinet inserts dallas Page 1, Item 2 484,000
     shower doors mckinney Page 1, Item 3 101,000
     mckinney shower doors Page 1, Item 3 102,000
     shower enclosures mckinney Page 1, Item 3 20,600
     mckinney shower enclosures Page 1, Item 3 33,500
     frameless shower enclosures mckinney Page 1, Items 6, 7* 92,500
     semi-frameless shower enclosures mckinney Page 1, Items 1, 6, 7 1,440,000
     shower door hardware mckinney Page 1, Items 1, 6 1,480,000
     protective shower coatings mckinney Page 1, Items 2, 5 4,670,000
     heavy plate glass shelving mckinney Page 1, Items 1, 2 1,710,000
     glass cabinet inserts mckinney Page 2, Items 1, 2 4,140,000
   * Green items = Jubilee videos 



SEO Case History #4
CR Services PLC — the #1 Credit Bureau in Nigeria

crservicesplc.comCR Services is Nigeria’s oldest and largest credit bureau. It was started in 2003 under the name “Credit Registry” by an ex Microsoft executive named Taiwo Ayedun. Credit is not easy to come by in Nigeria because retailers lacked the ability to identify people. There were no social security numbers assigned at birth nor government ID records for each individual.

Credit Registry solved that problem with the introduction of biometric technology. In this way retailers could identify consumers based not only on their personal information but also through fingerprint and facial recognition which are unique to every individual.

Since “Credit Registry” is a generic term for credit bureau in Nigeria, the government required them to change their company name, which they did in 2012. The new name was CR Services.

Unfortunately, “Credit Registry” did not have good ranking online and their new name caused what little online recognition they had to completely vanish. The problem was compounded by the fact that their new name “CR Services” was not descriptive and could be anything.

After building their website in 2010, I was hired to conduct full SEO in July 2012. When we started, CR Services did not show up for any search terms.  Meanwhile several completing credit bureau companies had used SEO techniques and they now dominated search engine rankings in the nation.

Research was done and a careful strategy was worked out and implemented starting mid 2012. At the start, CR Services did not rank at all for their most important search phrase, “credit bureau nigeria.”

By August they were on Page 1, Item 9. By December they were Page 1, Item 2. Today, they are dominating their industry online. Note the huge numbers of search results and how highly they are placed out of all that information online. For example, for "retail credit network" they are literally #1 out of 287,000,000 documents on file.

 CR Services PLC - #1 Credit Bureau in Nigeria

     credit bureau nigeria Page 1, Item 2
     credit score nigeria Page 1, Item 3 4,140,000
     credit report nigeria Page 1, Item 2 47,400,000
     credit information nigeria Page 1, Items 6, 7 50,300,000
     credit check nigeria Page 1, Item 4 26,000,000
     credit help nigeria Page 1, Item 7 85,300,000
     credit training nigeria Page 1, Item 1 28,000,000
     credit analytics nigeria Page 1, Item 3 2,480,000
     consumer credit nigeria Page 1, Item 7 16,200,000
     consumer credit training nigeria Page 1, Items 1, 2, 3, 5 5,440,000
     consumer credit score nigeria Page 1, Item 1 1,320,000
     business credit nigeria Page 1, Item 1 55,900,000
     business credit information nigeria Page 1, Item 3 55,600,000
     fraud elemination nigeria Page 1, Item 2 1,280,000
     portfollio monitoring nigeria Page 1, Item 2 1,910,000
     retail credit network Page 1, Item 1, 2 287,000,000
     retail credit training nigeria Page 1, Item 1, 2 5,460,000
     retail credit help nigeria Page 1, Item 3 14,700,000





SEO Case History #5
Sgt Poopers (small local company)

sgt-poopers.comSgt Poopers was a small start-up in the greater Dallas market launched in February 2008. Their mission was to help stanch a leading cause of soil/water pollution from 1.2 million dogs registered in the greater Dallas area. Well-funded national franchises such as Pet Butler and Dooty Calls along with other well-established local companies monopolized search engine results to the point that prior to SEO, Sgt Poopers could not be found on any page in any search.

A full SEO plan was put together in September 2008 for Sgt Poopers. Within a month after implementation, Sgt Poopers had surpassed nearly all their competitors for all key search terms. As of October 2008, Sgt Poopers achieved first page ranking for every key search term on Google which handles the majority of search engine requests.

6 years later, Sgt Pooper's search engine ranking was still going strong without any further SEO actions since 2008. A single round of SEO from Steve Hall Creative put this company on the map. Sgt Poopers has obtained 98% of its customers (dozens every year) thanks to its powerful ranking on Google and as a result has remained profitable and expanding every single year to date.

Sgt Poopers market only extends to the Dallas market but is listed here to show how an activity of any size, be it global, national, foreign or local can all be boosted tremendously by SEO competently performed by Steve Hall Creative.


     pet waste cleanup dallas Page 1, Item 1 198,000
     pet waste removal dallas
Page 1, Items 1, 2
     dog waste removal dallas Page 1, Items 2, 3 119,000
     dog waste clean up dallas Page 1, Items 2 1,790,000
     dog waste cleanup dallas Page 1, Items 2, 3 1,850,000
     dog poop removal dallas
Page 1, Item 4
     dog waste cleanup dallas Page 1, Item 4
     pooper scooping dallas Page 1, Item 4
     pooper scoop dallas Page 1, Item 4
     dog poop clean up dallas Page 1, Item 5 95,200

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